How to Incorporate Bistro Tables into Your Home’s Design

Accent tables are meant to accentuate. End tables can be found at the end of furniture, for easy accessibility. Coffee tables are often made for more than just coffee mugs. And dining room tables are in a league of their own. For every homeowner, there is a variety of table types to consider, each with […]

How to Use Furniture as a Statement Piece

As a company that specializes in furniture, Conway Furniture understands that buying new furniture is a big investment for most people. If you are going to splurge on a new piece of furniture, you want that purchase to feel worthwhile. If you’re planning to purchase a new piece of furniture, consider looking for a statement […]

Sectional or Sofa? We Help you Decide.

The living room is the central focus of your home, a place where family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company. The design and layout of your furniture sets the tone for the type of atmosphere you wish your living room to convey. A major part of creating that atmosphere involves the placement of […]

Ideas for the Modern Man Cave

Once upon a time, man caves were relatively straightforward and simple spaces. They usually included things like the old living room couch that had long been replaced by a newer model, a hodgepodge of used furniture from other parts of the house, and a TV. Most man caves were very no-frills in the beginning. More […]

Tips for Mixing and Matching Your Furniture

When decorating and furnishing the home, some people struggle with thinking outside of the box, even subtly, to re-invent their living spaces in beautiful, cohesive ways. They are not quite sure how to mix and match furniture in a way that avoids messiness and sparks creativity. This leaves many homeowners feeling uninspired by their current […]

Finding the Right Recliner for Your Body

We spend a lot of your lives in a seated positon, both at work and at home. Regardless of your reason for wanting to kick back and unwind, Conway Furniture has some seating solutions that will make you feel like the king or queen of your own palace. Check out a few of these reclining […]

Change in Lifestyle? Change Your Furniture

Growing pains hurt, especially in the beginning. Often we enter an adjustment period when trying to make sense of our changing life circumstances. While at first scary, we usually end up finding ourselves through the thicket of it all, and through this successful transformation we learn to enjoy the present. People who reach these exciting […]

Creating a Rustic Living Space

A home well-loved is a home well-designed, and a home well-designed is a home well-lived in. Just as  the comforts of a snow-covered cabin nestled in the wilderness would provide you, so too can the comforts of your home. Create this rustic, woodsy atmosphere in your own home by following a few of our interior […]

Furniture Pieces Well-Worth Your Money

Furnishing a home can be an overwhelming process, but it’s important to take your time and purchase things gradually so you invest in the right items. Furniture is an investment, and somethings are worth putting money into. We’ve covered a few of the top furniture items that we believe are worthwhile investments for your home. […]

Why White Furniture Works

Purchasing furniture is serious business. We always take our time buying that new couch, chair or table because we want to make sure that it is comfortable, that it looks nice, and of course, that it will stay well-kept. The ability to keep our furniture looking beautiful for the long haul is often the number […]