Redecorating? Decide on a Colour Scheme

January 24th, 2019 Mitchell Dekker

Colour can tie your new room together.

Whenever you decorate (or redecorate) a space, it requires consideration over what you want to keep, what you need to replace, and how to tie it altogether. There are numerous ways to approach this situation but one good guideline to follow is that you should decide what you are going to keep and try to figure out your colour scheme before searching for new additions.

Why does my existing furniture matter?

Your existing furniture often defines the colour scheme and theme of your new room- it is important to recognize what colours you must incorporate into your room, because it will influence your further design decisions. For example, if you have an oriental rug that will be in your new room- you should identify the key colours that are present in the rug and select up to three of them which will be present and repeated in your new décor. If your existing pieces only show one colour, your colour scheme can be decided by your tastes, and by choosing colours that will nicely accent your main colour. By planning out your colour scheme it will be much easier to select accents and accessories that will ‘fit’ in your new room to create a complete look.

‘Once I know my room colours, how do I apply them?’

Coming up with a tasteful colour scheme is as easy as it sounds- deciding how to utilize it in a room is more difficult because it is more completely informed by your own tastes. If your oriental rug has streaks of red in it, you may want to repeat the red in accent pillows and perhaps in a piece of wall art- then by choosing a second colour or by using neutral tones (grays, browns etc.) you can decide on colours for your upholstery, walls, and flooring. Of course, in design it is often exciting to ‘break the rules’, and even when working within a colour-scheme/theme you are able to utilize single unmatching pieces to create an eclectic style that is all your own.

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Often when making a colour scheme, the most invaluable help you can receive is the opinion of an experienced furniture or design professional. If you would like help coming up with your new room plan or colour-scheme, any one of our experienced retail associates would be happy to assist you- just call Conway Furniture at 519-291-3820, today!

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