Reimagine Your Dining Room

September 22nd, 2015 Paul Dekker

girls decorating cupcakes at dining room table
Perfect for families who prefer to eat in the kitchen, only using their dining room once or twice a year, there is a new trend rocking the design world. Many people have decided to repurpose their dining room, opting for a home office, playroom or study. There are plenty of ideas to contemplate, but before you disregard the thought, remember that the table can stay.

 Home Office

Create an open office space by allowing your dining room table to serve as a desk. Removing the leaf from a pedestal table will create the perfect amount of space to work with your laptop in front of you, and the extra chairs and table leafs can be brought back in when company is coming over. Add a shelving unit or a cabinet with drawers for storage and you now have a room that can be used almost every day!


A great option for families who use their dining room for kid’s projects and crafts anyways, push the table against one wall and add book shelves stocked with art supplies, puzzles, games and more. Add a tablecloth and you’re ready to tackle school projects and family game night. Added bonus: All the toys that end up on the living room floor have a new residence.


Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home after the kids move out or are just looking to do some redecorating, adding some cozy chairs, bookshelves and a bar to your former dining room can add some new life to it. A great spot to entertain guests or enjoy your evening together, there are plenty of ways to use this converted space.
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