Why You Should Consider Black Furniture

November 2nd, 2017 Paul Dekker

A neutral palette is usually the go-to for people who follow more traditional home design trends. That doesn’t mean that neutrals are boring; neutral colours, particularly black, can be used as a pop of colour in evenly toned rooms, creating a modern or futuristic feel. By repeating the colour (or absence of colour in the case of black) three times it becomes an eye-catching design element.

Here are a few reasons why you should branch out of your traditional interior design styles and experiment with black furniture.

Why You Should Consider Black Furniture


Neutral is not synonymous with “safe” or “cold” by any stretch of the imagination. Black furniture can be contrasted with any other colour on the spectrum, making it the most versatile of all the neutral colors. Black matches all styles of furniture, which means if you have contemporary pieces, modern pieces or rustic-style items in your home already, a black piece will accent your sets nicely. Black is a staple when it comes to interior design, which means finding items to decorate your newly furnished room will be no problem.


Everyone has the same ivory or grey couch in their living room and the same white dresser in their bedroom; do something a little bit different by choosing a unique, dark contrasting colour for your furniture! While many of the items you find today are often neutral and unimpressive, a black coffee table or recliner will add an element of surprise your guests won’t expect.

Easy to Clean

Black furniture is more stain-resistant than lighter colors, which makes it a great choice for homes with kids or pets (unless of course you have a white dog or cat). Rather than risking permanent stains with light colored furniture, choose a darker color and your furniture will hide some of the day to day incidents.

Whether you’re re-doing your living room, dining room or bedroom, Conway Furniture has that special touch of black that will turn your home into a refined and stylish living space. Browse our selection today!

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