How to Get Your Best Light

September 13th, 2017 Paul Dekker

How to Get Your Best LightWhen you lighting your home’s interior, it is important to remember that it is not always the light fixtures you use but how you use them. Rooms like bedrooms, dens and living rooms have different needs than kitchens, laundry rooms and foyers. Always consider function but don’t forget that lighting will add drama to a fashionable room.

Lighting a space correctly can help create a well-designed room.

Check out these lighting tips to create the best possible light in your favorite room.

Decide the Type of Lighting You Want

Before you can choose the proper lighting for your particular space, you need to decide what type of light you want. Are you the kind of person who wants bright light illuminating every inch of the room or are you okay with more subtle shades that create more mood than illumination? For a more radiant look, try something powerful like the Mercana Bashaw II lamp. Looking for subtlety?  Then try something similar to the Metro Plaza or Metro Crossing floor lamp.

Light the Room but do it with Style

The best way to get the right light in a large space such as a foyer or living room is with ceiling fixtures, and there are some very eye-catching ceiling fixtures. Add some gorgeous pendant lights or ceiling lamps for a little extra flair. Ceiling lights usually work to brighten a whole room so don’t overdo it with additional fixtures. Keep it simple and sophisticated.

Mix and Match Your Lighting

In most cases, you will need multiple sources of light to get the illumination you need. At one point you could be watching television, at the next, you might be reading a book. Each of these activities requires different types of light.

Consider layering multiple light sources, perhaps a floor lamp and a desk lamp. Having both on at the same time can create great lighting effects and enable you to see everything you need to see without lighting up the room like a sporting event. Even when they are off, a stylish lamp like the Crossroad or the Mildred table lamp can really enhance a room.

Use Mirrors

Sometimes you don’t even need a lamp to create light. Sometimes just a mirror will do the trick. Place a mirror on a wall across from a large window and watch as the light bounces around the room. Plus, a large mirror like our large “cog” mirror will make the room appear more spacious. A double bonus!

At Conway Furniture, we have a large selection of lovely lights, mirrors and wall art that will be sure to add that finishing touch to the look of any room. Check out our site for more exciting options.

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