Tips for Creating a Home Theater

October 18th, 2018 Paul Dekker

Ovation 41415Nothing beats watching a movie from the comfort of your own couch with endless snacks, piles of blankets, and the ability to press pause.

Conway Furniture has some tips on how homeowners can create a home theater experience that the whole family will love.

Although surround sound and a large viewing screen are important, it’s also vital to select the right furniture to make your home theater comfortable and functional.

Comfortable Seating

Although movie theaters are attempting to create more comfortable seating, many of them are still uncomfortable. For a home theater, we suggest selecting seating such as our Ovation 41415; each seat features a power headrest and power recline allowing for infinite adjustment and ensuring optimal comfort. If you want the whole family to fit comfortably, consider a reclining sofa. Our Soundtrack 41423 offers the most epitome of comfort and flexibility.

TV Placement

Depending on the size of the room that you choose, you’ll want to consider where the TV will fit given the furniture selection. If you’re planning on mounting the TV to a wall, you might want to consider having an entertainment system specifically for the storage of electronics, movies, remotes, cords, and so forth. If you really want to up your home theater vibe, consider getting an entertainment center with a built-in fireplace.

 Tables and Extras

The best part of having a home theater is that you can enjoy all the food and beverage that your heart desires without the price tag. Arranging side tables around your seating will help you give you a place to set your snacks. Consider including a bar cart to make delectable cocktails or to simply create a portable “snack cart” that can easily be brought in and out of the room.

Hoping to create a home theater space in time for the holiday season? Contact Conway Furniture today to get started on shopping.

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