How to Add Color to your Home

July 9th, 2015 Paul Dekker

colorful living room Whether you have just purchased a new home or are re-decorating a room that you’ve spent years in, there are many things to consider. One of the most important components of designing a space you will love and feel comfortable in is tackling the color scheme. Keep reading to learn some of our favorite ways to add color to your home:

Follow the 60-30-10 Rule

When re-doing any room, use the 60-30-10 rule to create a style that is appealing to the eye – and looks like it came out of an interior design magazine! Most spaces can be divided into three simple categories. 60 percent of a room’s color comes from the walls, 30 percent from the furniture and upholstery and 10 percent from accent pieces and accessories. Your walls will be the most dominant color in the room, so it is usually best to make them the most neutral shade.

Pull from you Favorite Pieces

Whether it is the pattern of your upholstered couch or the main colors included in your favorite piece of art, discover your color scheme from something you love and already plan to place in the room. This is a much easier technique than choosing the paint first and looking for décor that will match it. Use the piece’s most neutral color to paint the walls and accent with the brighter or more eye-catching shades.

Color Scheme

When deciding between a complimentary color scheme and an analogous one, consider the level of formality that the room should portray. Complimentary colors like blue and yellow or purple and orange can be found across from each other on the color wheel. These hues create a more formal style than analogous schemes, which are made up of colors next to each other on the color wheel (think blues and violets or reds and oranges). To create a soothing, relaxed feeling in a living room or bedroom, use an analogous palette.
A key step to choosing colors is to make the floor the darkest part of the room, the walls a medium tone and the ceiling the lightest shade. This will create a naturally appealing look regardless of the color scheme you use.

Test it out

Before getting started on your next re-design project, test it out by bringing home paint swatches and fabric samples. The color or fabric you love at the store may look completely different in your home’s lighting. Ask for a sample and place it in the room you are renovating for a few days. Revisit the piece in different lightings and moods to ensure it’s the right choice for you. Purchasing furniture and painting a room are big decisions that you will live with for years – no need to make your choices too hastily!
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