What to Consider When Choosing a Dining Room Table

May 9th, 2023 Paul Dekker
Interior of light room with stylish dining and lounge areas in modern house at daytime

Every piece of furniture counts when it comes to making your house a home, but when it comes to the heart of your home—the dining room—it’s the table that takes center stage! But how do you choose the perfect dining table for your space when so many options are available?

Here are a few important factors to consider as you shop around for your new dining room table.


Think about how you will use your new table and go from there. Are you an entertainer? Will it be used as grounds for weekly gatherings with friends or strictly special occasions? Is it an extension of the kitchen? Will it be the location of your child’s messy arts and crafts?

You can choose a style that fits your needs based on your answers to these questions. An entertainer may choose a more eclectic, ornate design instead of a durable, traditional style that can withstand wear and tear.


Next, think about the size. It’s important that whatever table you choose fits the scale of your room. A table that is too large might make the room feel crowded, while a small table may seem inadequate. You want your guests to feel comfortable and not “squished” between the table and the wall. Remember to factor in the number of chairs and the legroom needed. Typically, each diner should have about two feet of eating space and at least 3 feet of clearance space around the table for comfortable movement.


When choosing a table, the shape is just as essential as the size. Rectangular tables are a timeless option that can fit more people, perfect for large families or those who love hosting. Round tables, on the other hand, promote conversation and are excellent for smaller intimate spaces. Square tables can create a sense of balance in a square room. If you want the best of both worlds, an oval table can accommodate larger groups while maintaining closeness.

At Conway Furniture, we offer various shapes, styles, and sizes of dining room tables to meet your unique needs! Whether moving into your first apartment or buying furniture for your first home, we have high-quality options to suit any lifestyle.

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