How To Find Your Dream Couch

May 16th, 2013 Paul Dekker

Few pieces of furniture have a more significant impact on a person’s home than a couch does.  Not only can a couch make a room more aesthetically pleasing; it’s also the place where many homeowners spend their leisure time.  For many of us, our couch is the place where we watch our favorite television programs, take a refreshing nap on after a long day at work, or where we curl up on when we’re sick.

At any rate, finding the perfect couch is an essential task for most people.  Home and apartment owners should strive to find a couch that is comfortable, durable, and corresponds with their interior décor.  Below is a list of things to keep in mind before you go searching for your dream couch.Living Room Furniture in Listowel, ON

Figure out your dimensions first.

Before you go sofa shopping, consider how large of a couch you want, and more importantly, assess the space in the room you are purchasing the couch for.  You do not want the couch to take up too much room space, nor do you want a couch that will be difficult to transport into your home.

Think about the shape and features you want.

For example, do you prefer a couch that shows its legs, or one where they are hidden?  Do you want there to be back pillows?  Also, do you want to be able to comfortably lay down it, or would you prefer a couch that is really just designed to sit in?  Additionally, how many seat cushions do you want?  Some prefer to go with expansive cushions, while many others choose to go with three ample sized ones.

Don’t forget about the armrests.

One of the most overlooked aspects of choosing a sofa is selecting armrests that fit your needs.  Some people make the mistake of choosing a couch that they think looks the best, only to find that they dislike it due to the size of the armrests.

For instance, if you wanted a couch you could lay down on, then it is imperative you select a sofa that has shorter armrests.  Conversely, if you want a couch just to sit on and feature in your living room, then a sofa with higher armrests could be more appropriate.

Consider the fabric.

Another important aspect you need to contemplate is what type of upholstery you want for your couch.  Obviously, this decision could be impacted by how much you want to spend, but selecting the right upholstery could lead to your couch lasting longer, and prevent it from showing wear and tear after a couple of years.

The best rule of thumb when choosing your fabric is basing your decision on who will most often be using the couch.  For instance, a microfiber or a leather sofa would be ideal if your pets are going to be sitting with you and using the couch often.  These materials offer tremendous durability.

Look for a good frame.

Ask a representative at the store what type of hardwood the couch is made from, and look to see what is holding the parts together.  Staples may hold some of the more economical couches together, but they will not hold the sofa together longer than screws would.  Additionally, you may want to inquire about how the springs are tied, as they dictate how stable a seat will be.

Ultimately, the most important part of finding the perfect couch is sitting down on a variety of them, and finding one that provides the most comfortable cushion and support for you.  Also, consulting with an expert will always help you find the best quality at the best price. The professionals at Conway Furniture will be happy to help you find the couch that fits your needs. Stop by our store in Listowel or browse our high quality inventory online today!

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