How Furniture Placement Affects Your Mood

December 17th, 2012 Paul Dekker

The aesthetics in a room begin and end with the way the furniture sits against certain shapes. Colors also have a substantial effect on the mood a room will emit, meaning everything must work in synergy to improve your quality of life.

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Furniture Layout

First, think of the walls and windows in the room, and plan accordingly. We suggest looking at the empty room a few times before you begin planning the layout. This will give you a much more realistic idea of what to expect, leaving little room for disappointment. 
  • Place beds in a direction so that they face windows in the morning. The sunrise will help you wake up, as dark environments continue to produce melatonin (which makes us tired). This will improve your daily mood dramatically
  • Keep work and rest areas separate. Associating your relax time with work can damper any good mood.
  • Use mirrors in every room to reflect the positive energy flowing through the home.
  • Have something alive in every room of the home. Whether it is a goldfish or a plant, the life in the room will improve your happiness and appreciation for life.

Room Color

Knowing what moods certain colors invoke will help you decide what scheme to go with. Additionally, you will know how to combine colors properly, for creating certain effects on dwellers and guests.
  • White- This color is pure and bright. This leaves the ultimate feeling of cleanliness, which is why medical professionals wear or use white in hospitals.
  • Light Blue- Soft, blue colors calm the nerves. This color is perfect for creating relaxing rooms of tranquility and peace. Studies actually show that people are more productive in blue rooms, so it makes a great office or library color.
  • Red- This is a color of intense emotion and passion. This is great for a bedroom or dining room. It is careful to use this in moderation, as this color can intensify anger as well, which explains the phrase “I am seeing red”.
  • Yellow- This color is perfect for adding cheer and happiness to a room. It is said to give small babies headaches though, so this is another color that is best in small doses
  • Brown- This is an earth tone, leaving a homey feeling behind. This is a neutral color, neither happy nor sad. This color works best in conjunction with other earth tones.
  • Green- Another earth tone, said to be calming and soothing. This works great with browns and tans.

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