Choosing the Right Desk for Your Home Office

October 2nd, 2017 Paul Dekker

If you work from home or have a home office space, you know how important having a desk that can help meet your daily demands is.

If you are looking for a desk that will fit into your home office and meet your personal needs, there are several factors to consider before you start shopping.


Are you typing away on a keyboard or paper pushing most of the day? Knowing exaChoosing the Right Desk for Your Home Officectly how your desk will be used is the first step in finding a compatible style.

If you’re doing a lot of paperwork, you’ll want a desk with a wide surface and ample room. Find a desk with a few drawers or a nook for overhead shelfing so you can easily store and organize important documents.

If your line of work is computer-based, we suggest finding a desk that includes built-in holes so you can hook up electronics. This will keep your cords organized.


Choosing the Right Desk for Your Home OfficeNext you’ll need to find a surface material that suits your workstyle. Laminate is an affordable option and can endure a lot of abuse, especially if you’re a tad messy and creative. Are you handy at assembly? Sometimes the difference in price can be that it requires an hour of your time to build the desk. These types of desks do not usually transport well after they are built. This should be considered if your work moves you around a lot.

Many people opt for a wood or veneer desk because they look rich and elegant. If you don’t spend as much time at your desk every week, you might want to consider a solid wood desk with a lacquered top for a more polished look.

Shape and Style

Are you into a more modern design aesthetic or do you like sticking to traditional styles? Is your office small and quaint or large and spacious? These are questions you need to ask yourself before pursuing the right shape and style.

Corner desks are perfect for people who like a lot of leg room, while credenza desks offer great functionality for computer users and can be placed in a living room or dining room without disrupting the feeling of the room.

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