Start Considering Fall Décor

Can you believe that the summer is almost over already? It may feel like just yesterday you were celebrating the Summer Solstice, but it’s true; in only a few weeks, it will officially be fall. Now is the time to start thinking about how you will get the house ready for the cozy season. Here […]

How to Style an End Table

How often do you really think about the end tables in your home? If we had to guess, we’d say probably not very often. However, these tables offer valuable decorating real estate that you may be underutilizing.  Rather than viewing your end tables as a place to toss the remote and loose odds and ends […]

Why We LOVE a Good Loveseat

Regardless of whether you’re lacking space for a full-size couch or just want to offer seating that’s larger than an accent chair, loveseats are always a good option to consider. Here at Conway Furniture, we have a large selection of loveseats that we think you’re really going to like, and here’s why. Just enough room […]

Adding Tile Into All Spaces

Many people believe that tile flooring is only used in kitchens and bathrooms but that is a common misconception. If you are a fan of tile floors, you probably understand that the options for tile floors in your home are limitless. The use of tile flooring has expanded throughout the home into living rooms and […]

Why White Furniture Works

Purchasing furniture is serious business. We always take our time buying that new couch, chair or table because we want to make sure that it is comfortable, that it looks nice, and of course, that it will stay well-kept. The ability to keep our furniture looking beautiful for the long haul is often the number […]

Choosing a Sleeper Sofa

If you’re adding a guest room into your space, or looking for a way to better accommodate guests that are visiting, you may find yourself wondering what sleeper sofa might meet your needs? Here at Conway Furniture, we believe that sleeper sofas should be just as comfortable to sleep on as they are to sit […]

Consider Rearranging Furniture this Summer

The summer often feels like the right time for a fresh start, and we highly suggest starting with your home. There are many things that you can do to update your home for the summer months that will make your space feel brand new. Make Seasonal Swaps One of the easiest things you can do […]

Benefits of Our Room Planner

When you’re designing a room in your home, you’ve probably found yourself working with a piece of paper, sketching out a floor plan to see where things might fit best. It can be hard to get a sense of how everything will actually look once it’s in the room, especially furniture. Conway Furniture now offers […]

Mixing Different Wood Washed Furniture

If you are thinking about purchasing a new wooden coffee table and you’re worried about how it might look with current wooden furniture, don’t be! It is now acceptable, and encouraged, to have different washed wooden pieces. If you’re planning on filling a room with different wooden washes, follow these simple suggestions that will help […]

Small Furniture Pieces that Make a Big Impact

Most homes have the standard furniture that is typically expected: – a bed, dresser, table, and sofa. However, some “uncommon” furniture pieces can be a big bang for your buck and it’s worth considering furniture pieces outside of what you might normally purchase.With minimalism sweeping the nation and people focusing in on owning belongings that […]