Living Room Organization Hacks to Keep Your Space Tidy

May 19th, 2020 Paul Dekker
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A lot of people consider the living room the heart of a home. It’s where families go to have fun and spend time together, individuals go to relax, and you bring friends to create new, lifelong memories. The drawback to spending so much time in one room? It quickly become the hot spot for miscellaneous overflow items and everyday clutter.

Since it’s such a valuable space, it’s worth investing a little time and research into keeping your living room well-organized. Here are a few strategic tips for taming the mess that can get you started!

Designate a space for clutter.

How many piles of papers, magazines, and junk mail do you have strewn about your living room as you read this? Probably quite a few—and we bet they’re not small. It’s easy for various paperwork and knickknacks to nab a permanent place in the living room as you absent-mindedly throw them on the many readily available flat and open surfaces.

Curb this habit and cut down on the clutter by assigning a specific spot to put these items. A chic cabinet, rustic wicker basket, or even a secret storage ottoman will do the trick while adding a little extra style to your space.

Choose a functional coffee table.

The coffee table is a central focal piece in your living room, so it’s tempting to select one based on looks alone. But a table with no storage opportunities is just a waste of valuable space you could be using to help you organize.

Instead, choose a coffee table that offers a little more functionality with its aesthetic (like this gorgeous cocktail table). Even something with just a single bottom shelf can at least provide a nice space to keep your remotes, a few pieces of décor, or that wicker clutter basket.

Tame your tech.

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The main purpose of most living rooms in addition to relaxation? Entertainment! Unfortunately, with all those devices—TV, DVD player, stereo, gaming system—you’re stuck with a lot of unruly cords. Bundle all of your wires together and place them strategically behind your entertainment center or conceal them with a wall covering.

Speaking of entertainment centers, make sure you invest in one that’s large enough to hold your media and with enough storage for your entertainment accessories. Piles of DVDs and video games are just as unattractive as those piles of junk mail.

Get the biggest sofa that will fit in your space.

The more of your living room you dedicate to seating, the less room there is for mess to accumulate. As a communal gathering space, ample seating is a must in your living room anyway, so why not use that strategically to your advantage?

If you can, opt for a couch with some hidden storage. And don’t forget to use the space between your sofa and the wall for those extra throw blankets!

Hang your pictures on the wall.

The living room is a great place to implement personal décor, such as family photos. However, too many frames situated on your surface space can start to look messy. Solve this problem by hanging your pictures on the wall!

Make your pictures look elegant with dramatic shadow frames or photo boxes hung on the wall gallery style. Or, get creative and find ways to condense some of your photos, like with a family album displayed artfully on a foyer table or digital frame with changing image slides.

Do routine living room purges.

The key to keeping any room organized for the long-term is regularly evaluating which items you’re actually using and which ones are just taking up space. You’ll have a lot to sort through when it comes to your living room, so try to be honest about what you really need. The pile of National Geographics that have been living on your end table for six months? Those can probably go.

If you’re not willing to get rid of some items, ask yourself if the living room is where you actually use them. If you’re constantly moving your lap desk from under the coffee table to use up in your bedroom, it might be time to make the move permanent.

The living room furniture collections we have available at Conway Furniture are full of multifunctional pieces that will help you stay organized without sacrificing style. Browse our inventory online to find the major pieces and finishing touches you need in all your favorite brands!

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