Unique Ways You Can Use Furniture to Display Your Collector’s Items

March 29th, 2018 Paul Dekker

Collectors everywhere understand the thrill behind displaying their treasured items. Each baseball card, autographed photo, and piece of rare art probably has a story only you can tell, and you can proudly share that story when you display your items for everyone to see.

Here are some of our favorite ways in which you can use furniture to display your collector’s items around your home.

Curio Cabinets

Fragile, cherished items require beautiful display and safe storage. Curio cabinets offer a safe haven for your collectables while allowing all items their time in the spotlight. These cabinets keep out moisture and dust and leave your keepsakes untouched, and when you choose between single or double door cabinets, you’ll suit your needs, space, and décor theme.

Glass Coffee Tables

More durable collector’s items deserve a home out in the open. The second layer of a gorgeous glass coffee table is a great home for your possessions because guests can see through the top down to where you keep them. Collector’s items make wonderful icebreakers; as everyone sits around the table, you can share the stories of how you came across each beloved piece.

Arrangement and Location

How you display your items depends on what they are. Can you easily hang up that matted photograph or signed boxing glove? Why not turn one whole wall in your family room or den into a viewing gallery?  Dedicate a corner of the room to smaller, less delicate items on accent tables or end tables.

What about location? You can try stacking your items to utilize vertical space above a staircase leading to another floor, or colour-coding your items to add some artistic inspiration in a coat rack hallway or entryway for a unique, welcoming touch. There are many possibilities.

Conway Furniture works with collectors to provide them with the furniture needed to display their precious wares. Choose your favorite piece here!

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