Three Furniture Pieces that Don’t Belong in a Living Room but Should

April 9th, 2018 Paul Dekker

Is the living room one of the most occupied spaces of your home? It is for many families, couples, and single people, and in many homes, it is the first room within eyesight. The living room space should be captivating and entertaining, and in some instances, unconventional.

Here are three furniture pieces that go against the grain when it comes to traditional living room furniture concepts.

Use an Armoire to Fill Empty Space

Three Furniture Pieces that Don’t Belong in a Living Room but Should

Our Canadian-made Armoire by Vokes Furniture.

A cozy armoire is a bedroom essential conventionally used for your Sunday’s best or morning work attire, but it can also enhance the recessed areas of a living room. If the alcove of this room is missing that “extra something,” an armoire, like this Canadian-made one-drawer statement by Vokes, can add visual charm when left unopened, stocked with some of your clean linens, decorative baskets, or fancy service sets.

Buffet Tables Bring the Party Closer to You

There are a few exceptions to the “keep food in the dining room or kitchen” rule. If you are throwing an informal event where you want to encourage guests to mingle between rooms, we think adding a buffet table to your living room will work wonders at your party. This piece by Bellamy Buffet has a beautiful back lighting feature for your collector’s china or glassware, and its simple but refined design resembles that of a stylized bookcase or cabinet making it easy to blend into your existing décor.

Benches for Breaks Make Life a Breeze

Benches can be pulled from a dining room table and can be used just about anywhere in your home. They are also great for added seating in an entryway or living room so your guests can take their shoes off easily, and this Bellamy Dining bench is especially great in areas of your home where people are coming and going at different times throughout the day.

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