Accent Tables and End Tables: Understanding the Difference

July 18th, 2018 Paul Dekker

Living Room with Wood Focused FurnitureYou might be surprised at how much a table changes a living space. The table you’re adding to your bedroom, living room, or common area is likely either an accent table or an end table. However, many people do not know the difference between the two.

Conway Furniture is shedding some light on accent tables and end tables, so you can choose what’s best for your space.

Let’s start with accent tables which, simply put, are tables that are meant to enhance design.

Understanding an Accent TableUnderstanding an Accent Table

 Although it might be an obvious point to make, an “accent table” does have a name that speaks for itself. They are largely intended to accent a room and provide an element of style to an otherwise simple space. When a letter has an accent mark over it, the accent mark is placed there to indicate a difference in pronunciation. Accent tables serve the same purpose when it comes to design. It’s the same here, but with design: an accent table is truly meant to supplement a room’s overall aesthetic, not necessarily add utility. With that in mind, an accent table is a great space to stage a house plant, a candle, or another small piece of decor.

Understanding an End Table

Understanding an End TableEnd tables are different from accent tables, but they are also different from coffee tables, side tables, and nightstands although they often get “looped in” to all those categories. End tables are also just what they sound like they are: they come at the end of furniture. End tables are perfect for unused spaces at the end of sofas and couches and are traditionally four legs with a square top. While accent tables are intended to bring the room together from a design standpoint, end tables serve the purpose of maximizing the functionality of your living space. It’s where you set your drink or leave your book. It’s simply there when you need it because you need it.

Conway Furniture has a diverse selection of end tables and accent tables to choose from! We have styles and designs to fit all different spaces and can help you to find the perfect fit. Contact us today!

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