The Benefits of an Armoire

January 31st, 2019 Paul Dekker

Armoire at Conway FurnitureAt Conway Furniture, we believe that different types of furniture should each offer something unique to the room they’re in. The fun of furniture design and decorating in general is finding the right type of furniture for your home.

If you’re looking for a unique piece of furniture to add into your room, consider the benefits of an armoire.

Here are just a few reasons to consider:

They are Great for Storage

Here is a quick history lesson: the term ‘armoire’ comes from an Old French word for a place to store arms. Because back in the old days, they were used as storage units for tools that needed to be hidden away. Obviously, things have changed a bit, and armoires are now dedicated spaces for clothing and accessories. What we love about them is their multi-purpose: book shelf, closet, clothing rack, dresser, jewelry box—you name it, an armoire can do it.

You Can Customize Them

Another huge benefit of armoires is that they are very much plug-and-play: you can move around shelves and drawers to make the piece work for you. Need more space for shoes? Then add a few cubbies in as well if you need additional storage space. Have photographs you want to display? Add a few shelves to make sure those frames get some love.

They Can Anchor the Room

Based on size alone, armoires can be centerpieces in your room. An armoire can be the featured item of your bedroom for clothes or a hidden TV, family room to hide the gaming gear away, or in the hallway for off season clothes or quick access to hats and mits. The Armoire should not just fit the style you’re going for, but also, add immensely to it. At Conway Furniture, we offer a diverse range of armoires that are sure to liven up the room you’re decorating.

It’s no secret that we love armoires and believe that they can be a great piece of furniture to add to your collection. They’ll give you a huge amount of storage space that you can customize and are stylistic by default. Start shopping with Conway Furniture today!

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