The Run-Down on Performance Fabric

May 30th, 2019 Paul Dekker

You’ve probably seen performance polos hanging in the men’s department when it starts to warm up outside or worn a pair of moisture-wicking shorts to the gym. Did you know that you can invest in performance fabric furniture too?

That’s right! Get all of the benefits that quality performance fabric offers for any and every room in your house—while keeping your interior design chic and staying comfortable!

Is the concept of performance upholstery new and foreign to you? That’s okay! We’ll go over everything you need to know about performance fabric so you can feel confident in choosing it for your next furniture purchase!

What is performance fabric?

Performance fabric is a specialty material designed to be highly stain and damage-resistant. The goal of performance fabric is to guarantee longevity and simplicity without sacrificing comfort or style.

There are a few different types of fabrics in the performance category—Revolution, Crypton, and Indoor-Outdoor—all created with the same remarkable endurance and convenient features.

What are the benefits of performance fabric?

Durability and long-lasting high quality are the two major advantages that performance fabric furniture boasts. It is literally made to withstand any environment, no matter how difficult. Performance fabric furniture can endure extended exposure to sunlight and water and block UV rays—without sacrificing its superior quality.

This type of material is highly resistant to wear and tear and color fading, maintaining good condition and strength over time. It is easily cleaned with household products with no risk of damage. However, the exceptional stain resistance usually means a quick wipe-down with water and a rag will be enough for any spills.

Performance fabrics don’t fuzz or pill but are still soft and ideal for lounging and relaxation. They’re odor-resistant, antimicrobial, and moisture-wicking—making this kind of furniture ideal for heavy daily use. The life expectancy of performance fabric furniture combined with its ability to maintain high quality over an extended period of time makes it a steal when it comes to investing in cost-effective furnishings for your home!

Where should you use performance fabric furniture?

Anywhere! One of the greatest things about performance fabric is that it’s just as versatile and fashionable as other upholstery materials. There are a few select spots though that might particularly benefit from performance fabric furniture.

The living room is an excellent place to employ the strong and sturdy qualities of this nearly damage-impervious material. You probably head to the couch to enjoy a causal dinner or binge a show several times a week. If you have kids or pets too, they’re likely jumping around all over the room—performance fabric can handle all of the hustle and bustle your living room sees.

The chairs and bar stools of the dining room are other fantastic opportunities for performance fabric, to protect against stains from food and drink. Sunny areas like a bedroom blessed with a lot of natural light streaming in, or outdoors spaces such as your patio or front porch, are perfect for this type of furniture as well. The fade-resistant qualities of the fabric will keep the color bright and fresh.

Where can I get my own performance fabric furniture?

Now that you know just how great performance fabric furniture is, you’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on some for your own home—that’s where we come in! Conway has a wonderful collection of furniture—performance fabric and otherwise—just waiting to find a place in your home.

Stop in or visit our website today to browse our exceptional options!

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