Piece Together Your Dream Suite with these 6 Bedroom Essentials

March 21st, 2018 Paul Dekker

The bedroom is an oasis for many, the place we are able to settle in and be ourselves after a grueling work day or long business trip. The bedroom is a place where we can lay back, be lazy, catch up on a favorite show, or pillow talk with our spouses about the events of the day.

This is why having the right bedroom furniture is so important to creating a livable atmosphere. Below are a few bedroom essentials that will complete your dream space. Piece Together Your Dream Suite with these 7 Bedroom Essentials

Resting Areas for Your Place of Rest

Often when we’ve broken in a new space, or made an old space feel like home again, we spend more time kicking back and relaxing in it. The same can be said for your bedroom. It’s where you spend most of your time getting ready for work, catching up on a good read, or simply letting out a sigh while color-coordinating your closet. It only makes sense that you should design around these activities. Adding a storage bench at the end of your bed can provide you with additional seating room for when you’re putting on your dress shoes or laying out your steam-pressed tie options. It’s also a place where you can stow away your favorite adventure novels. What about including a seating area in the corner of your room? A small swivel chair can be dressed up with a magazine rest at the foot and an accent table of your choice for displaying your luscious spring flowers. Now that’s what we call a spring makeover!

Make Comfort Your Habit

Your bedframe is like the chassis of a car: a car nor a bed can function properly without the right support. Good sleep can only be achieved if you invest in it, and that means a strong bed frame, a plush or firm mattress depending on your bodily needs, and, of course, a bed time routine that soothes you into slumber. The saying goes that you can’t probe good sleep; good sleep comes to you and with the right essentials, it will find its way to you much faster.

Your Floor is Not Your Dresser

We’ve all been there before; while running late for a meeting we ransack our rooms looking for a work appropriate outfit, leaving a huge pile of shoes, pants, belts, and unmentionables in the dust. This sort of start to the morning just doesn’t settle with us, and it shouldn’t for anybody! That’s why investing in extra storage space is essential. A bedroom armoire or 5 drawer chest are classic pieces of bedroom furniture that will help reign in the chaos. Don’t let your unruly closet space rule your world; bring organizational habits to your bedroom and watch as the rest falls into place.

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