How to Declutter Your Bedroom Space

June 8th, 2018 Paul Dekker

Your bedroom should be your peaceful sanctuary, the place wheOrganizing Your Bedroomre you recharge each night to take on the next day. However, relaxing in a room full of clutter is next to impossible and it is important that your bedroom space remains organized for your peace of mind.

Conway Furniture has some suggestions on how to declutter your bedroom to create a calm and tranquil space that you can enjoy every day.

Add Extra Storage Space

Your cluttered bedroom could likely benefit from some extra storage space, and a simple way to achieve this is with additional furniture that is purposeful.

Nightstands with drawers give you space you need for storing items near your bed, such as your glasses, books, and medications while keeping them hidden away. A beautiful bedroom chest serves as both a statement piece and a storage aid for holding the extra clothes that no longer fit in your closet. Benches, especially deep models that allow you to store items within, are another fashionable solution to decluttering your space that look good at the end of the bed.

 Set Aside Sorting Time

Often the hardest part of decluttering your bedroom is committing the time towards the task. Dedicating 30 minutes to an hour each week to decluttering your space increases the likelihood of you sticking to your plan.

During your allotted times, perform a quick sweep of your room and remove as much clutter as possible, including all items that don’t belong in that space. Putting things back where they belong gives your room the instant feeling of organization.

Rethink Your Clothing Habits

Clothes strewn about the bedroom are the quickest way to a messy bedroom. If you throw your clothes on the bed whenever you change, you’re soon standing in a clothing ocean. Set up some habits for putting away your clothes can help, such as investing in a hamper or committing to hanging up the clothes right away.

You can also create more storage space by reorganizing your closet. Get rid of old clothes you no longer wear and add additional poles for hanging more clothes.

Searching for furniture to get the process started? Visit Conway Furniture, offering the stylish bedroom storage solutions you’re looking for.

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