Ideas for Furnishing Your Basement

May 23rd, 2019 Paul Dekker

For a lot of us, the basement is no more than a dreary unfinished cellar with one clear area for laundry and the rest of the space stacked with miscellaneous boxes and dust bunnies—we know how it goes. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to transform it into an amazing home addition!

In fact, there are so many options we couldn’t possibly cover them all here, so we’ve narrowed it down to just a few of our favorites with some helpful tips for designing the perfect underground getaway!

Ideas for Furnishing Your Basement

A Craft Space

Maybe your basement doesn’t have the most inspirational atmosphere right now—but that doesn’t mean it can’t!

Start with the basics: plenty of cabinets and tables to store and organize your supplies, and a solid, sturdy workplace—like a computer desk or a drafting table—to sit down and channel your focus.

Paint the walls with bright and encouraging colors and cover them with stimulating décor that’s meaningful to you and your work; or display your own pieces once they’re complete! Add some soft carpeting, a comfy place to lounge while you’re waiting for your muse, plenty of bright and cozy lighting and you’re good to go!

A Playroom

Give your kids their own space to use their seemingly endless energy for something productive, so you can do the same! Keep the mess and clutter confined to one place so it’s easier to maintain and doesn’t sprawl throughout the house.

You’ll probably want to get a few big chests for toys and games, or maybe one or two pieces of multi-functional furniture—like an ottoman—for some extra storage space that also contributes to the style of the room. Consider an entertainment center so you can set up a T.V. for post-play down time.

Make sure the furniture you choose for your playroom is small enough that it’s still accessible for your kids, as well as durable and easy to clean. Don’t waste money on an antique table that’s just going to get decorated with crayon scribbles and dried up glitter glue. Embellish the room and keep it playful with quirky, colorful décor; but not so child-like that it starts to look tacky.

A Home Gym

A workout room is a popular use for a spare basement, and for good reason! The hardest part about going the gym is actually getting there. Having a gym right downstairs eliminates one more excuse to laze around. The basement is a secluded area ideal for zoning out of the world and into a good workout. Whether strength training, cardio, or yoga is your thing, your basement has a lot to offer as an exercise area.

When setting up your gym the most important thing to remember is to be conscious of your space. Double check that you’ll have enough room to properly use equipment, as well as get it down the stairs in the first place. Keep your interior design motivating with bold colors to encourage strong energy, your favorite quotes and sports paraphernalia on the walls, and a mirror or two so you can keep an eye on your form—and your newly sculpted bod!

An entertainment center might not be a bad idea for this room either. It’s the perfect place to keep your sound system to blast your workout playlist, or a television to pull up your favorite fitness guru onscreen to guide you through your meditative breathing. Think about treating yourself to some post-workout relaxation with this luxurious La-Z-Boy heat and massage recliner to keep those muscles loose!

A basement is ripe with opportunity for creating a unique and productive space in your home. Get started on your new favorite room today with the help of Conway Furniture’s wide and affordable selection!


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