3 Interior Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2021 (& 3 That Will Be Saying Goodbye)

February 3rd, 2021 Paul Dekker
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Interior design is one of the most fluid industries out there. With each new year there comes an influx of new styles and trends vying for the top spot. Of course, in order to make room for these new contenders, older ones must graciously see their way out.

It’s always interesting to see which new colors, patterns, fabrics, themes, and other design elements begin their reign, which ones make their exit, and why the tides have turned the way they have. So, let’s take a look at the interior design trends that experts expect to be on the rise over the course of 2021—and which ones have taken their final bow!

Say Hello To…

1) “Grandmillenial” Style

Given how much time we’ve been spending in them over the course of 2020, it makes sense that we want our spaces to feel homey and safe. That’s what “grandmillenial” or “granny chic” style is all about! Inspired by those traditional elements you’d find in grandma’s house, many of the trends a mainstream person would find outdated will be set free with the rise of granny chic. Millennials especially cling to the feelings of nostalgia and comfort these features invoke, with their own modern twist of course.

What to Look For: floral wallpaper, ruffles and fringe, crocheted fabrics, antique china collections

2) Earth Tones

Natural, warming color palettes that make your space feel grounded are going to be at the top of the pack this year. Their purpose? To create calm and welcoming interiors that we almost don’t mind holing up in. For added layers of coziness, this earthy vibe will extend to fabrics in our spaces too.

What to Look For: burnt umber, rust reds and oranges, warm greens, lots of browns and beiges, wicker, rattan, natural fibers

3) Maximalism

Now more than ever people are realizing how important it is that their spaces reflect their unique style, personality and interests. As a result, minimalism is about to be usurped by its louder, more in-your-face cousin—maximalism. Expect these spaces to be highly decorative and filled with memorable statement pieces. From the largest furniture pieces down to the smallest accessory, the maximalist interior will be layered with a combination of modern and traditional elements that have been thoughtfully collected and combined for the biggest punch.

What to Look For: geometric patterns, bold wall art, bold colors, mixed palettes, matte finishes

Say Goodbye To…

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1) Single-Purpose Spaces

After being stuck at home for the last year, with no clear return to normalcy in immediate sight, we have turned our focus to making the most of the space we have. In 2021, we want rooms that can do it all—entertaining, relaxation, productivity, the works! This means having the flexibility to set up and pack away distinctive spaces within a single space as needed (living room to home office, dining room to classroom, etc.).

What to Look For: multifunctional furniture, organized work-from-home setups, room dividers to separate zones

2) Monochrome

The more interesting your space this year, the better. Monochrome rooms just aren’t cutting it anymore when we have to look at them all day long. Expect to see a lot of experimentation with bold colors, fun patterns, and vibrant and expressive furnishings. The goal is to bring personality to your space, in addition to a touch of luxury that gives you enough wiggle room to momentarily pretend you’re somewhere else.

What to Look For: color and pattern mixing, warm but vibrant hues, grounded shades combined with brighter complementary colors

3) Cheap Furniture

2021 interiors have to live up to daily, multipurpose use. What does that mean for your furniture? Quality, durability, and longevity are the priority and cheap department store pieces are out. People don’t just want furniture that lasts longer though, they want pieces that are meaningful to them—ones that they can picture seeing them through the next move, child, furbaby, or other phase of their life.

What to Look For: mismatched furniture, versatile pieces, vintage styles, double-duty pieces

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