Tips on Creating a Multi-Use Room

August 20th, 2018 Paul Dekker

Room Filled with Multi-Use FurnitureWhen someone buys a new house or apartment, they often want a room for everything: a dining room for eating; a living room for relaxing; a study for reading; and a kitchen for cooking. And while that might be what most people prefer, sometimes there’s just not enough space. That’s when you have to get creative.

Creating a room for multi-use allows homeowners to be flexible with their space, yet still maximize its potential.

Here’s how to get started on a multi-use room today:

Think Outside of the Box

 As we said, if you have to settle on an apartment or home with minimal space, it’s time to get creative. With a multi-use room, every part of the space’s structure must be used wisely which often means being unconventional. Take the “cloffice” concept for example which is the combination of two words: closet and office. If you have a closet space, take out the doors, install a pair of shelves, and add a desk chair. The end result? A cozy desk to work at, made from what would normally be used for storage space.

Consider Two-Fer Options

 If a room is going to be multi-use, you must envision it as such and plan accordingly. Want your living room to easily transform into a guest room at night? Then you’ll want a sleeper sofa that is designed specifically for that purpose. They are great during the day in the living room but comfortable at night to sleep on. They can eliminate the desire for a second bedroom all together.

Make Something Out of Nothing

 We’ve seen this idea a lot and we love it: a working station in your laundry room. Most laundry rooms are awkwardly designed, leaving a ton of space open to utilize. If you don’t use that space when you already live in a condensed home, you’re simply wasting valuable space. Many laundry rooms spaces can easily fit a computer desk so you can work while your laundry’s in. The plus side? Most family members avoid the laundry room so you’ll likely score some alone time!

To achieve a multi-use room, you must toss out the ideas you had about what a room should be, and instead, think of what a room can be. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to

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