Adding a Little Luxury into Your Home

October 31st, 2018 Paul Dekker

Luxury Home with Golden AccentsLiving a ‘life of luxury’ isn’t for everyone, often because of the price tag that comes with it.

However, there are easy and affordable ways to add a little luxury into your home without breaking the bank.

Adding small touches of luxury can help give your home a look that you never thought was possible before.

Go Minimal

The less “stuff” you have, the more luxurious your home often appears. We know that might not make sense at first glance, but consider this: a look of minimalism is one of taste and class. Having less ‘things’ and more utility is the defining principle of minimalism, and it makes your place look brighter, smarter, and more strategically designed for guests. It’ll also help you to keep your home clean!

Get Framed

Artwork or posters on the wall that are just thumbtacked? Something hanging in the kitchen without any touch? Well, there’s an easy solution for that, too: frame them! Framed artwork or posters adds organization to your walls and gives off a sense of chic. You don’t have to get expensive frames either—there are plenty of affordable frames that will get the job done.

Buy Greenery

This one may seem too simple, but we swear it works: plants or flowers are an incredibly effective way of taking your apartment or home to that next level. Especially centerpieces of hanging vines, if they’re done right. That means sophisticated vases, ample space to let them breathe, and a placement that contrasts with other colors in the room. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to add a sense of luxury to your home in no time. Just be sure to play with accents, color schemes, and patterns that work well for you.

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