Incorporate Jewel Tone in Home Design

October 24th, 2018 Paul Dekker

Decorated Table with Jewel Tone VaseMost of are dazzled by emerald greens, sapphire blues, ruby reds, and yellow topazes. Jewels tones are some of the most bold, vibrant, and dazzling colors.

In fact, a popular trend in home design is incorporating those alluring jewel tones into your interior décor.

Start with Accents

The first step in using jewel tones is to incorporate fun accents into your current décor. Think of some rooms in your home that could use a little love and start there. Grab a vibrant throw or some decorative pillows in bright jewel tones to jazz up your old furniture. Think small to slowly introduce these tones in a way that is appealing and vibes with your current décor.

Consider looking for artwork in your favorite jewel colors and use neutral frames to highlight the tones.

Pair with Neutrals

Jewel tones really pop against neutral colors such as blacks, whites, beiges, or grays. Dark reds, greens, and plums pair well with neutrals, and add a warm and welcoming feeling to your space.

Accent chairs make a great focal point and are a bold, yet subtle, way to incorporate jewel tones into your home. Decorate a section of your kitchen backsplash in a jewel tone and keep the rest neutral. Jewel tones and neutral tones work well to achieve the design affect you crave.

Grab Your Paintbrush

The idea of “go big or go home” is perfect for jewel tones; these saturated, deep colors make a huge statement in home design and often get looked over due to their vibrancy. However, jewel tones work well by adding both brightness and moodiness to a space, giving your home depth and intrigue.

Choose to paint an entire room in a jewel tone like sapphire to give it a strong uplift, or paint one wall in a ruby red as an accent to the others. Give furniture like dressers or cabinets a coat of jewel-toned paint for an instant refresh.

Time to venture out of the jewelry box; try incorporating jewel tones today with furniture, home accents, and more from Conway Furniture, delivering diverse, high-quality furniture at low prices.

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