Thinking about Hardwood Flooring? Here’s Why You Should

December 1st, 2017 Paul Dekker

Hardwood floors are always in style. They are timeless and can easily blend into the architectural period of any home design.

Many people tend to rule out hardwood floors when refinishing a home because the price tag drives them away, but hardwood floors are actually a worthwhile investment.

Add Currency to Your Home Thinking about Hardwood Flooring? Here’s Why You Should

Hardwood floors have currency because they are desirable to home buyers. One day if you decide to put your house on the market, your hardwood floors could increase your home’s value. What rooms in your home you choose to have hardwood flooring installed in also significantly impacts the selling price. Some people like to have every room but their bedrooms and bathrooms finished because these areas are typically cooler in temperature than most, especially if you’re walking barefoot in between the two.

Bundle of Design Options

Hardwood floors are a long-term investment, but the quality you receive for the price you pay is worth it to many home owners. What’s great about having this type of flooring installed is that you can fashion your rooms in almost any style imaginable. Wood is not a style-discriminating material; whether your home is minimalist, mid-century modern, or industrial-looking architecturally, hardwood floors will enhance any build.

Environmentally Beneficial

Wood is a sustainable building material, making it a top choice for carpenters to work with. The process through which the material is extracted does little harm to the environment because trees are renewable. Wood can also endure centuries of wear and tear, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the hardwood every few years as some home owner do with other flooring material.

The Secret of Engineered Wood Floor

Engineered hardwood flooring is made by layering layers of hardwood running the grain 90 degrees to the layer below. Some people are concerned that this is not “solid” wood but in fact it is structurally better for areas where humidity and temperature are not so easily controlled like on a concrete floor or in a basement or summer home. All the other properties of hardwood are the same.

Today’s finishes are extremely durable to scratching and to sunlight so your investment will look great for years and years. Call us today for more information or for a quote on your installation!

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