The Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Flooring

April 20th, 2022 Paul Dekker
Man replacing his floors after noticing severe damage and deterioration

Your home flooring is put to the test every day, and it can’t help but receive a substantial amount of wear and tear throughout the years. From dirty shoes to spills and pet messes, it’s only a matter of time before your flooring is deemed damaged beyond repair.

Flooring replacement can take your home to the next level and prevent health, infestation, and safety risks. It can also save you the effort of desperately covering stains and scratches when guests come over!

Here are the top signs your floors could use a complete replacement.

Water Damage

Water damage from leaks or floods can have a lasting effect on your floors. Flooring needs to be properly dried after water exposure to prevent deterioration, and even with proper drying, some floors cannot return to their original lustre. Water-damaged floors may feel soft and have mould, bulging, or dark stains. You might also notice cupping, which is when the edges of the floor appear higher. If this is the case, flooring replacement is the best course of action.

Noisy Floors

One of the first signs of floor damage can be noisy floorboards. There are many causes for creaking or squeaking floors, but it could signal a deeper issue if your flooring is older. It could be something as simple as just a loose nail, but getting a professional to look at your floors is recommended. Improper installation, settling of foundations, and sub-floor damage can also cause these noises, which might require a complete floor replacement. Your floors could be rotting, which will progressively get worse and start to spread.

Deep Scratches and Cracks  

A few scratches and stains are normal, especially if you have light-coloured carpets, children, or pets. However, deep scratches, large stains, and cracks require attention. Cracks and deep scratches are susceptible to water damage and pest infestations as termites love to eat through floorboards. Stains are more of a hassle than an eyesore, and they can cause rotting and other issues.

If you have laminate floors, be on the lookout for peeling. You could get a section of these floors repaired, but if you want it to match your current floors’ exact style and shade, you may have to invest in a full replacement.

Floor Discolouration  

Vinyl flooring, hardwood, and other types of floors can discolour. Initially, you can try a deep clean. A good clean should leave the flooring looking fresh again if it is just on the wood’s surface. However, sometimes discoloration is from deeper issues, which can be more harmful. Mould requires immediate attention, as it can cause health issues and will worsen over time. Mildew and mould can be stubborn, especially in the grout of tiles and in certain rooms, such as the bathroom. If the problem continues to reoccur after you’ve done a deep clean and solved any dampness issues, it’s time for a floor replacement.

Unpleasant Odours  

If unpleasant odours are making their way through the subfloor, you need to replace your floors. These odours could be caused by accidents from pets or other messes. You will need to clean the subfloor thoroughly to get rid of smells such as pet urine. Other stains and subsequent issues such as mould can also cause unpleasant odours. You could try some floor maintenance, such as cleaning, to eliminate the smell, but if odours persist, you will need to replace your floors. 

Outdated Style

Depending on the age or design of your floors, they may not fit your style or desired home aesthetic anymore. Many people opt for new hardwood floors throughout their homes and are getting rid of old, tired carpets. Perhaps you need a more water-resistant flooring option in your bathroom, like tile. There are many reasons people decide to replace their flooring, and it’s important to research which type of flooring is right for you and your lifestyle. 

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