Spring Home Makeover Ideas You Should Try

April 25th, 2023 Paul Dekker
spring living room with pastel colors

It’s getting to be that time of year again when we realize we haven’t moved anything in our homes, including ourselves, since Christmas. That’s right; spring is almost here, and with that, the infamous spring cleaning to breathe life back into our homes. While you sit there and contemplate dusting, you may find that your home needs more than just a quick surface cleaning; it may be time for a new look!

It’s time to rethink and revamp, and Conway Furniture is here to help with some simple spring home makeover ideas that will freshen up your space.

Brighten Up Your Entryway

An entryway is often overlooked when people start redecorating their homes, but it truly makes the first impression. It can be practical, fun, and interesting, whatever you want, but remember that it will always reflect your personality and the vibe of the rest of your home. Add a mirror, a clock, a bench, or a small hall table to give the space a purpose. You can change your accents to reflect spring and bring a breath of fresh air into your home with some new artwork in light colours, or fresh flowers spread about the space.

Create Some Space

Spring is a time for organizing and getting your home into good shape, but this doesn’t mean you must say farewell to the ten books on the end table and your six all-time favourite candles on your mantel. It means it’s time to declutter and find unique display places for those items. Consider doing a gallery arrangement of your treasures in a new cabinet or shelf. Maybe add a coffee table that will open the room up and provide a hiding place for things you’re not using at the moment. 

Rethink Your Colour Palette

One of the most defining elements of the spring season is its colour palette. Freshen up your bedroom or living room by incorporating classic spring colours into your space to make it feel airy and bright. Switch to lighter neutrals (beige, light gray, ivory) with bold pops of colour or pastel accents.

Which colours come to mind when you think of spring? It’s likely a mixture of pinks, greens, and yellows—let these hues guide you as you refresh your space. You can easily integrate these colours into your linens, décor, and accessories. Thoughtful touches such as a new set of light-coloured, silky sheets, pastel throw pillows, themed table settings, or seasonal wall pieces can have a powerful spring effect on your space.

Add Greenery

Did you really think you’d be able to capture the essence of spring in your design without a little help from nature? Decorate your space with fresh flowers and greenery to embody the full bloom and growth that defines the season. Even if you weren’t blessed with a green thumb, swap out your fake flowers for spring staples like peonies, daffodils, and tulips!

Flowers and plant life aren’t the only ways to add a natural touch to your home. Upgrade some of your surfaces and linens with organic materials, such as bamboo, stone, hemp, and jute.

Emphasize Natural Light

Besides flowers and fresh air, spring is all about sunshine. As you make seasonal updates to your home, choose accessories that take advantage of the natural light you get in your space. You can start by removing heavy window panels and opting for sheer curtains or ones with lighter fabrics and colours. This will help filter the sunlight and bathe the room in a soft, ethereal glow.

Brighten your space further by incorporating accents and décor that reflect or amplify natural light. Metallic accents, glass and crystal accessories, and mirrors are all great tools to use.

Update Your Furniture

The spring season is the perfect time to dump your worn-out furniture for brand-new pieces to freshen up your space. Choose light, natural colours that will be versatile with changing tastes and seasons throughout the year. This will make it easy to seamlessly switch out your new spring décor when you want to return to those cozy fall accessories.

If you spent most of the winter carving out a trench in your old recliner or sofa, take advantage of the spring sales at Conway Furniture to get new, durable furniture! Our wide selection of furniture and décor is filled with pieces that will complete your seasonal style and make great additions to your home year-round. We also have furniture experts on hand to respond to your inquiries and help you find the perfect furniture set, piece, or home accent to bring your vision for your space to life!

Contact us at (519)291-3820 to book an appointment with us so we can assist you with everything you need in-store.

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