How to Compromise on Decor When Moving in Together

June 9th, 2015 Paul Dekker
Moving in Together

There are lots of things you don’t think about when you decide to take the big step of moving in with your significant other. One of these things is the design compromises you will have to make. Whether you are combining items into one of your homes, or purchasing a new home together, there is only so much space and usually too much stuff. Follow these tips to peacefully redecorate your new place as a team:

Decide what you will be throwing out early on

Chances are, all of the furniture and home accents that you and your significant other own won’t fit into the new place. Talk this through early on in the process of redecorating to figure out what each of you simply cannot part with. After deciding on your “must-keep” items, go through the surplus of stuff; usually lamps, kitchenware, rugs and bedding. Keep the higher end items and recycle or sell the lower quality pieces.

Stay Neutral

Chances are you and your other half have fairly different decorative tastes. When choosing furniture for your new place, aim for neutral colors and classic shapes for the large piece. These pieces, like couches and dressers, will become easier to compromise on, leaving room for each of you to add your own touch with accessories and accent pieces.

Choose Personal Wall Art

Chances are you won’t be in love with your significant other’s posters, and they won’t like your shelf of knick knacks. Both choose your favorite pieces from your collection and box up the rest. From there, spice up your wall space with something more personal. Choose photos of the two of you, your pets and family, as well as items you have collected on your vacations together. These pieces will make your new place feel like home and make compromising fun and easy!
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