Tips to Make the Most of Your Home Office

April 27th, 2015 Paul Dekker

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With the flexibility and sometimes extended demands of the modern job, working from home can be a necessary part of working. If you have the space, making an extra room or an underused corner of your home into your home office is a great way to keep yourself organized for getting your work done. Here are a few tips to create a functional place to keep on task.


Let there be light


Whether your location is near a sunny window or in a darker corner of an interior room, making sure you have sufficient lighting is an important part of getting your work done. You don’t want to be straining to read your notes or papers, so make sure to have ample opportunities to brighten your workspace. Standing lamps can provide great illumination and easily find an out-of-the-way home behind a storage cabinet or shelf.


Comfort is key


Since you’ll be sitting at your desk to finish up your assignments or paperwork, it’s vital to be comfortable. Investing in a strong and sturdy chair that provides a comfortable place to work can keep you focused on the task at hand instead of aches and pains. Simple office chairs are very affordable, and with adjustable height models, you can easily line up your seating with the level of your desk or work table so that you’re not putting extra strain on your neck or wrists.


Find a quiet place


Your home office should allow you to retreat from the distractions and comforts of home so that you’re not lured away by the latest show or worried about other members of the family popping in and interrupting you constantly. Try to plan your office to be in a quiet area of your home, away from screens and sounds that can divert your attention away from the work at hand. By removing yourself from outside influences, you’ll be able to keep productive and you can work more efficiently.


Stay organized


Part of a functional office space is keeping everything neat and organized so that you can find important notes and files when you need them. Depending on the volume and type of work you do, your storage needs could vary from just a small desk file organizer to needing multiple filing cabinets. Make sure that you not only plan out a place to put your paperwork, but that you have enough room in your home office to keep everything. Just as you want to find a place where you can be free of outside distractions at home, you don’t want your office spilling back out into the rest of the house.


By taking the time to find the perfect set up and balance for your home office, you’ll create a functional and effective place to get your work done quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to enjoying the relaxing spaces in the rest of your home.

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