Should I Buy a Sectional Sofa?

January 8th, 2015 Paul Dekker

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There are certainly a lot of sectional sofas being sold in recent years but are they the right choice for you? The answer may lie in the layout of your room.


As a room divider

In a large open concept room a sectional can be a good way to divide the living area from the dining area. This is often seen in contemporary architectural style photos in city lofts with floor to ceiling windows. I would caution in using a reclining sofa for this purpose as the outside backs of most motion furniture are not sleek and clean but allow for that reclining function. It is also important to consider the floor the sectional will go on and to make sure it won’t move around causing damage to a wood floor. proper connecters and no slip feet would be advised.


For Maximum Seating

The theory goes that, in a smaller room, if you could put comfortable seating around the entire wall you could really pack them in. While this may be true at some parties for most occasions there will only be one person per seat. If the corner is a wedge it may offer one more spot in the corner. In reality people like to sit at a spot with an arm to lean on.


To stretch Out On

This is an important one. In general a sectional will take up about the same space as a sofa and love seat. When two people want to recline one gets the loveseat. With a sectional there is almost always room for two to stretch out and maybe play footsy in the middle.



Modular sectionals can be put in rooms with difficult access as the come in smaller pieces and assemble to make the larger piece. If you get a modular sectional where all sides are finished each piece can stand on its own as a piece of furniture. This does allow you to change configurations for fun and function (to put up a Christmas tree or something). A large sectional where there are three pieces will require that configuration. Should you want to put it in a different room the size might not always work out.


As always it is good to do a to scale room planner so you can see what works best in your space. Use the free one at


Paul Dekker

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