How to Prevent Cats from Destroying Furniture

November 24th, 2014 Paul Dekker

If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you have more than likely seen destroyed and frayed couch or chair arms in your friend or family member’s living room. It’s very unattractive and means replacing upward of thousands of dollars in furniture. But there are a few quick and easy ways to prevent cats from using your arm rests as scratching posts and saving you a lot of money.  

Quality furniture is a big investment and no one wants to see their hard earned money down the drain in a few short months thanks to their feline friend. Use these tricks to keep your cat and your furniture happy!

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Give them their own furniture.

Cats are territorial and subsequently designate couch arms or wooden furniture as their own. You may have noticed only one furniture leg or side is being used as a scratching post.

You can encourage the cat to destroy their very own home made carpeted post, cardboard box or marine rope. All you will typically find are valued over furniture by your cat.

Use tools to deter them.

Making your catch less inviting to your kitty is also a great way to stop them from scratching up your pricey furniture. You may not realize this, but when your cat is clawing your furniture, they are doing more than sharpening their claws. They are actually leaving their territorial odors behind. You can mask and replace these odors from your cat with specially formulated herbal sprays, undetectable to the human nose.

There are also double sided sticky strips cats- which have extremely sensitive paws-find especially annoying. At the same time, it’s invisible to the naked eye.

Keep their nails trimmed.

In addition to the above measures, dulling your cat’s claws is also helpful to protecting your furniture. Trimming your cat’s nails as part of her regular grooming routine is one of the most effective ways to blunt the damage scratching can cause. Using a specially designed cat claw trimmer is the most effective and safest way to follow through on nail trimming.

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