Highlighting Expected Home Trends for 2019

January 8th, 2019 Paul Dekker

Living Room with Interior Design TrendsEach January with the start of the new year, a switch flips and people crave something new, exciting, and bold. Most people desire change and create resolutions that help them grow and develop.

Home trends also change every year as designers come up with innovative ideas and conform to new home design trends.

We are expecting the following home trends to make a scene in 2019:

Fresh Floral Patterns

Flowers symbolize freshness and life, adding a renewed feeling to any space. A traditional design, floral patterns mix well with other patterns and come in a variety of designs to suit any taste. Expect delicate floral patterns to return in 2019 with a focus on abstract and exaggerated proportions and dissimilar colors.

Mismatched Furniture

Strong furniture pieces will not be making a statement in 2019. Instead, it’s expected that people will start mixing and matching furniture from different periods in order to highlight their personal styles instead. Instead of selecting couches and chairs that fit together as a set which was standard practice for years, many people are mixing styles and seeking furniture that speaks to them.

Rounded and Curved Seating

In the new year, designers and homeowners will move away from strong lines and embrace curved lines in their tables, rugs, and seating. Sofas, benches, and chairs with curves to them add intrigue to an otherwise straight-lined room. Straight-backed furniture will likely give way to rounded back furniture in 2019, specifically chairs.

A Touch of Natural Elements

Natural materials are the name of the game in 2019 with trends focusing on décor made of materials like stone, copper, and concrete. Natural materials bring the outdoors inside and help to give your space a tranquil quality. Designers can embrace this trend by incorporating leftover materials and energy-saving devices into existing décor.

Embrace the newest home design trends with bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture from Conway Furniture. Get ahead of the trends and select a chair in a floral pattern, mix and match your living room seating, and find furniture with some curves.

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