Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

December 11th, 2017 Paul Dekker

Every Christmas, our homes become centres for gatherings of laughter, warm hugs, and memories. Our guests look forward to eating, drinking, and dancing in the spirited atmospheres that we create at our holiday parties and festivities.

Put some of your regular decor away for safe keeping and make room for some of these decorative holiday home additions.

Decorating Your Dining Room Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

You can do a lot with ornaments; you can even create ornament topiary centrepieces for your dining room or buffet table. These fun, geometric-shaped decorations will light up the room if you use bright colours and fasten them with a holiday bow. Another creative idea you can try is leaving a small wrapped gift on each person’s place setting, or, you can place a large ball in the centre of your table and fill it with ornaments that your guests can take home.

Livening Up Your Living Room

In staying true to the ornamental theme, you can also create stunning wintery displays on your living room mantel. Find a stylish vase and fill it up with your favorite ornaments, or, you can place lush holiday greenery around your mantel and glue ornaments inside.

Emphasizing Your Entryway

To switch it up for the holidays, try hanging garland at the bottom of your banister instead of the top. Laying it on top of your stairs will draw the eye upward just the same, and it will create a more modern look. If you have a large foyer, you can add emphasis by placing an accent table in the centre with a large bowl filled with sweet-smelling pine cones. The smell will lure your guests in for a night-long celebration of the holidays.

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