Eclectic Decorating

We’ve all seen the stunning modern room scenes with a white leather sectional and all matching chrome furniture in front of a full wall window with a night cityscape as the backdrop. The phrase “Like something out of a magazine” came to be because almost none of us live in that lifestyle. No messy kids […]

Tips For Decorating With Furniture

Buying furniture is simple, you shop around, and choose what you like because you think it’s beautiful; the right color and style, and it fits your home. But once you get it all delivered, deciding exactly how to arrange each piece to best accentuate the beauty of the room, can be a bit more challenging. […]

Tips from the Pros: Rearranging Your Furniture

How Often & Why Your furniture collection consists of the heaviest items that you own in your house. Moreover, we know the last thing you want to hear us mention is moving these heavy items around. However, there’s a reason why you should do it often, and there are ways to do it easily. There […]

How Furniture Placement Affects Your Mood

The aesthetics in a room begin and end with the way the furniture sits against certain shapes. Colors also have a substantial effect on the mood a room will emit, meaning everything must work in synergy to improve your quality of life. Furniture Layout First, think of the walls and windows in the room, and […]