Biggest Design Trends for Summer 2018

June 1st, 2018 Paul Dekker

Black Accent KitchenAre you feeling inspired to redesign the inside of your home this summer? You can completely change the look and feel of your home by purchasing even a few new pieces of furniture.

You can also refresh your home’s appearance by incorporating some of the biggest design trends and using them within the confines of your home.

Here are several current design trends.

Stay Calm and Create a Sanctuary

People have so much going on these days. So much, in fact, that they’re starting to turn their homes into more of a “tranquil sanctuary.” To do it, they’re adding more storage space so that they can reduce the amount of clutter they have in their home. They’re also finding ways to incorporate reading nooks and other small areas to get away from it all. And as far as furniture is concerned, they’re adding leather sofas that are soft and inviting to keep the peaceful theme going. All of it is adding up to a cleaner and more natural environment inside of homes.

Don’t Forget to Look Up

People have found ways to incorporate pops of colors and playful patterns into just about every area of their homes in recent years. But there’s one territory that hasn’t been explored before for the most part—the ceiling. More people are starting to work color and patterns into their ceiling spaces. They’re even using wallpaper to add richness and texture to the tops of their rooms. Additionally, they’re balancing it out with terrazzo and other types of old-school flooring. It’s a bold step in a new direction and will require some furniture coordination if you attempt to do it.

Back to Black?

People are starting to turn to nature when injecting color into their homes. Earthy shades like terracotta and sienna are stealing the spotlight. But there are also lots of people who are using black in their kitchens and bathroom spaces. Black could also spread to the rest of the home before long. Too much black could prove to be, well, too much for many homeowners. But with the right blend of furniture and other furnishings, it could easily catch on.

Whether you’re planning on jumping on any of these design trends or trying to start a trend of your own, you can do it with some help from Conway Furniture. We have a large selection of furniture that will look great inside of your home. Call us at 519-291-3820 today to inquire about any of the furniture in our inventory.

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